Airbnb Pricing


I am an avid traveler. Staying at Airbnbs more than my own home these days!

I have been capturing Short Term Rentals for over 6 years now, and love that it combines my love for photography and travel.

You will see in my packages that I ask for an overnight stay when shooting at a new property. This is to ensure I can get an array of natural light in each season, including sunset & twilight hours, and morning coffee time! It is my favorite way to capture a space.

Please do not hesitate if you have any question on my packages below.


Ariel Esparza

The Classic


Open for discussion: one night stay (can be during the week)

2-3 Bedrooms


All Living spaces


3-4 edited photos of each / different angles



Open for discussion: two night stay (midweek)

Expand from a classic shoot to this elevated package and receive extra photos of each space. Can be with or without a model. More of what it could look and feel like enjoying their time at your property. 

Up to 3 Bedrooms 


All Living spaces 


*Pick one Lifestyle option: (Human element or prop styling)

One scene included. Choose either human element OR a styling of a space

Human element: Host and I to coordinate a model, local influencer or a friend/family to come in and I will direct them in the space. 

Styling element: Can be a table set up for dinner or a fire pit. 

Al la carte:

+ $50, Wine & appetizer styling (host to bring wine and supplies or I can source for an additional fee)

+ $25, Coffee & pastry styling photos.

+ $50, Dinner table styling photos. Includes custom moments like candlelight or wine on ice.

+ $50 Outdoor Firepit/ S’mores 

+ $150 (two reels for social media) 

+ More than three rooms add $50 per room

+ $450 for professional video of space to use for separate website or reels