Psalms Thirty Four Presets - Color

Psalms Thirty Four Presets - Color

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Inspired by film photography, this preset was made with intention to balance the tones that define emotion and warmth in perfect harmony. It was with great care that we strived to match the very colors of the original photo you captured to create a true tone look. This timeless color preset is a one click wonder, adjust your exposure and shadows to your preference.

Installing & CC Presets (Lightroom Classic & ACR): First, in Lightroom, go to the Lightroom Preferences (NOT Catalog Preferences) and make sure that the "Store presets with this catalog" option is not checked. Then, navigate to “Show Lightroom Presets Folder” click on it then a folder will appear. *IMPORTANT* Navigate down to “Camera Raw” then to “Settings” folder then to “User Presets” and copy the .xmp preset files to that folder. Before you could start using your new presets quit Lightroom then open Lightroom again and there in User Presets you’ll find your new presets. If you’re having trouble installing please watch this video >

Creative Tip: Want to change the tint without changing the white balance? Go down to Split Toning and in shadows change the hue to your preference.

For photos rich in blues, keep in mind of Luminance and Saturation down in HSL/Color. Move the sliders to your preference.

For photos rich in greens, keep in mind of Hue down in HSL/Color. Move the yellow and green sliders to your preference.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we’ll happily help. Have fun!

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