Psalms Thirty Four

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we receive full printing rights?

Yes! You will receive all printing rights and photos will be given without watermarks. 

How many edited images do you typically deliver?

This number varies due to the session/ wedding but we always try and deliver our best, with no set limitations. Since there isn't a set number to ease your mind, you can expect 50-100 images per hour that we are hired for. 


What is the deposit and when is it due? 

We ask for a 50% non-refundable retainer. This is due upon booking with a signed contract.

Is there a travel cost?

We are currently located in Arizona, originally from Southern California.

2019 Weddings: We charge a small travel fee for California Weddings and outside of Phoenix Arizona area. You would be expected to cover our travel expenses for 2 people and our gear. Gas, and potentially lodging. For this option we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to keep costs down. We evaluate each situation on a case by case basis, so please reach out for info on this as it pertains to your event.

*If your wedding is outside of Southern CA/Arizona please let us know and we will discuss the best travel cost option to make it work for you! 


What is the average turn around time to receive proof/preview images and then the final images?

For weddings, our turnaround time is 6-10 weeks. An engagement shoot we try and turn around photos within 2-3 weeks. Family and Portrait sessions are usually about a week. *Video turnaround time is longer and varies from wedding to wedding.

How many shooters do you have?

We are a husband and wife duo. Ariel and Raul are a package deal with any photo and video session you book! 

Is there an additional cost for engagements/is there a location you take engagements that does not have an additional cost?

Most of our packages include an engagement session at no additional cost. If you would like to do a cool destination for your engagement (i.e Yosemite), we will add a small travel fee to cover gas!

What gear do you bring with you?

We shoot with 3 cameras on wedding day. For photo we use a 5D Mark 3 + a Canon 6D. For videography we use a Canon 80D. We bring along out favorite Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 lens. Our Canon 85mm 1.8, and a Canon 24-70 mm zoom lens. We have a flash, two video lights, and our creative minds! 



Do you have backup gear + liability insurance?

We have both of these! If your venue needs proof of liability insurance, no problem. Just let us know. We bring our back up gear to each event. 


Should I get a wedding film/video?

The question here is really do you want to be reminded of what your wedding day was like only through photos or do you want to be able to relive those feelings and emotions of your wedding day with a film.

Most of our package options come with a short film that will help you remember the highlights of your wedding day. Please take a look at our past work to see if you think one is right for you.


Why get a film?

You’ve already put months into designing the stage and the set, Video helps you to relive the series of moments in context during your wedding. It allows you to watch the complete actions instead of isolated moments. You can see the moment when the ring was slid on your finger and the smile afterwards in the same shot.

Seeing those continuous moments does wonders for getting your mind back in the flow of that moment as it happened.

A wedding film allows us to create a story about you and your wedding day to help you remember and relive the moments and emotions you felt in a different way than unedited footage or photography can.

It also allows you to star in your own film when you’ve already put months into designing the stage and set. It will be a unique day in your life, so why not remember it in a unique way?


Why is it a film and not a video?

We use the different words for different things. To us a video is unedited or sparsely edited footage. Somebody puts a video camera on a tripod and leaves it there, the figures out when to start and stop.

We use the word film to demonstrate the intention behind what we do. Our focus is on quality small shots to make a much greater whole when they are all put together. Our highlight films are heavily edited by nature.

This takes both having an idea of what we’re looking for on your special day and responding and adapting to the individual differences in your wedding.

If you have any parts of your wedding that will vary from the norm please inform us beforehand so we are prepared to properly capture it. In order to give your wedding the film it deserves we need to be a step ahead of the events instead of reacting to them as they happen.

If you book with us this is something we will talk about beforehand so you do not have to worry about it on your wedding day.


What will I have to do for my film on my wedding day?

We are there to capture your wedding, not to interfere with it. Getting ready and the first look are generally the times we will ask for your cooperation to get a specific shot (or sometimes encourage your bridesmaids/groomsmen to be a little more involved in the process), but otherwise we will be capturing your wedding as it unfolds.

The main exception to this will be if you and your spouse do a letter reading or do scripted messages to each other. (below)


What if we want to record a letter reading or other message to be used in our video? What will we have to do?

Write out a short message/letter to your spouse (generally under 30 seconds each when spoken slowly) *We suggest hand written and not on your phone since it will end up in your film and phone or device may distract from the focus of all the emotions.

Other additions to consider: adding how you met or the proposal (under 1 minute and usually less)
Each of you will need to set aside 5-10 minutes in a quiet place to record the audio

Having it written out will allow you to focus on your tone, pacing and saying exactly the words you want to say and usually avoids “um or long pauses”

The more you can say with the least amount of words the more powerful it will be in your film, and your film will be a constant reminder of that and will last forever.

Once we get two solid consistent takes of your reading you can go back to what you were doing (usually getting ready).

We only recommend this to couples where they already have something in mind that they think is very important to have in their video and are willing to take the time to write and refine what they want to say.

This option may not be the best for everyone, and that’s okay! If you feel like you already have a lot going on, do not worry about it. If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out.



The Best Way to View your Wedding Day Photos or Film

Plan a “viewing night” Text or email us your availability (either an evening during the week when you don’t have much going on or a weekend) around the time we communicate we are close to wrapping up the album or film. *Try not view separate or on your phones, we know the excitement but it will be so much better together! 

  1. Make it special: a nice home cooked meal, or your favorite dessert; go out for an ice cream date, bake cookies, light some candles, get cozy on the couch, make some popcorn. Anything that makes the moment of reliving your wedding day together special. If you got in an argument that day; take time to talk it out, cool off before watching your film or viewing your photos. Agree on when to view together when you are both settled and ready. 

  2. Best Viewing Experience: If viewing your photo album, we suggest setting it up for viewing on a laptop, tv screen or an iPad. Anything but your phone! If film, set it up on your TV! Find us on our YouTube Channel (Ariel and Raul), scroll to your wedding film, make some popcorn and enjoy the film from the big screen. If you have Chromecast or Apple TV, from the link we send you cast it to your TV and enjoy!

  3. Bask in your wedding day again: You worked so hard to make your wedding day happen! Take in every moment, talk about your favorite parts of the day, save some favorite photos to your Phone (you can do this from the single download option). Feel free to share the link with your family, friends, bridal party! We LOVE when your share our hard work! @psalmsthirtyfour 

  4. Give us your feedback! We love to hear from our clients after they take time to view their photos or watch their film. Sometimes when clients don’t reply we can think the worst “oh no, they probably disliked our work” *human nature, just being real with you guys! When in reality you are probably just busy sharing with family and friends! However if there is something you are not happy with, please let us know within the first couple days of receiving your images back. We would love to make it right and give you the best experience from beginning to end. If you loved your experience with us, please let us know how you can leave us a review! We would greatly appreciate it! 

  5. Safe keeping:

    Photography: After a few days PLEASE download your full album (we suggest safe keeping in TWO separate places on a laptop, flash drive, etc.) Your online album does expire after 60 days (so please feel free to share the link with family and friends to view anytime online within this time frame) We do charge an archival fee to re-upload your photos past the certain time frame. (More about this in our contract under “Image Storing/Archiving) We do this because we pay for limited website space and need to keep room for the next wedding albums to be uploaded

    Videography: We will email you a file of your film for safe keeping separate from the online link we share

  6. Enjoy: your memories for years to come and know we are so beyond grateful for you entrusting us to capture your big day! We are working on offering printing services, please let us know if this is something you would be interested in :)